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H2 Consultant Certification

Molecular Hydrogen Institute (MHI) is a non-profit scientific organization supported by the leading international researchers in the study of hydrogen. MHI investigates the molecular mechanisms and primary targets of molecular hydrogen, participates in clinical studies to determine its potential effects and collaborates with other universities, institutions, and research organizations.

The MHI Certification of H2 Consultant - Level 2 provides essential education/knowledge to those in the field of hydrogen therapy. This certification is paramount for everyone who sells, distributes or promotes hydrogen products, and also for medical professionals or academic researchers who are serious about hydrogen therapy.


Open one clinic in each district of Kerala to educate more people about the health benefits of molecular hydrogen. We also aim to build a “Made in India“ hydrogen inhalation machine company and to pave the way for job opportunities for young talented professionals.


We are committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in education, research and healthcare using the extensive therapeutic potential of molecular hydrogen for the benefit of humanity.

Pious Sebastian

Founder & Managing Director

Pious Sebastian Thommana, a hardcore entrepreneur and an enthusiastic visionary, hails from Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala, India. Early in his youth, Pious exhibited a disposition so unlike other youngsters: he decided to take a less trodden path for building up his future. In 2014, soon after the completion of his higher secondary education, Pious chose to pursue his higher studies in Robotics at Algoquin College, Canada.

Pious explored the vast opportunities that the Canadian business sector offered him, while working part-time as an international student. Export, lifestyle, restaurant, interior etc. were some of the few fields that he found himself excelling at.

His exposure to the field of clinics drew his attention towards the opportunities and possibilities that the health sector offers. He knew that setting up an empire in a particular stream is not a child’s play, rather it requires sheer determination, perseverance, and immense passion in learning the business extensively. Thus for invigorating his passion and for building a strong foundation in the health sector, Pious acquired H2 Consultation Certification from the reputed Institute of Molecular Hydrogen (MHI), USA.

Thus, this multifaceted young entrepreneur plunged into the Field of Future: Hydrogen Therapy.

Cilvania Dominic

H2 consultant

Cilvania Dominic, H2 Consultant at Glad Hydrogen Clinic is highly devoted to the medical profession. She had completed masters in Psychology and was into teaching Psychology for two years. Her passion for the medical field ended up in the research on molecular hydrogen. She realized the opportunities and possibilities that molecular hydrogen offers in the health sector. She secured the H2 Consultant - Level 2 Certification from Molecular Hydrogen Institute , USA which makes her a medical professional or researcher that is interested in teaching/sharing about therapeutic molecular hydrogen. And she joined the GHC team where she can uplift her professionalism and work ethics.